Make a Donation

The 1st Annual “Pets Are People Too” (PRP2) Film Festival is a true community labor of love. Without your generosity, we could not bring this special event to you and your family, so thank you very much for your contribution!

While there are plenty of costs associated with an event like this, our goal is to raise enough funds to cover our film licensing fees, venue rental fees, and publicity. But most importantly, we want to be able to offer FREE ADMISSION to our day-long All Ages Entertainment Film Block on Saturday, October 18, at Pollard Memorial Library and Chelmsford Public Library. Though we firmly believe quality entertainment is worth paying for, we want this special, joyous component of our Festival to remain accessible to everyone, especially kids and families. We look forward to upholding this tradition for years to come!

Thank you again for your generosity and we’ll see you at the Fest!


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