The PRP2 Festival Story

Who’s the special pet in YOUR life?
Who’s the most incredible pet you’ve ever owned?
What does it mean to love and care for a pet?

A Personal Pet Story From PRP2 Film Festival Founder and
Lowell Film Collaborative Co-founder, Suzz Cromwell:

3 Faces of KidsterWho’s the special pet in my life & the most incredible pet I’ve ever owned? The answer to these two questions is undoubtedly Kidster, my 14-year old Ginger Tabby and the PRP2 Film Festival’s inspirational mascot. Found abandoned in Somerville, Massachusetts, at just five weeks old, this special little guy locked his tiny kitten eyes on mine, began to purr, and there it was: mutual adoration at first sight! For well over a decade, Kidster has been the constant comfort and touchstone through all my life-changes: new homes, new friendships, new jobs, new partners, and my marriage to my husband, Brett. This intense bond is one that so many others share with their pets, and it’s this complex relationship that both fascinates and humbles me.

In early 2013, Kidster was diagnosed with diabetes. This was my wake-up call — my beloved friend was getting older, and my desire to honor his companionship through one of my passions, sharing film, became stronger than ever.

So, what does it mean to love and care for a pet? This third question has no right or wrong answer. Our answers are as unique as each of us, and as unique as the devoted creatures who capture our hearts, be they cats, dogs, birds, turtles, mice, ferrets, snakes, hamsters, horses or guinea pigs. At its heart, the Pets Are People Too Film Festival is an exploration and celebration of the furry, finned, hairy, winged, and hoofed friends we cherish, and the indelible mark they leave on our hearts. We hope you’ll join us as we honor these bona fide family members, as they are worthy of the same love, devotion, and compassion we give the special people in our lives.

Thank you in advance for your support of this inaugural Film Festival, and for being a faithful companion to the animal friends in your life.

For The Pets!

Suzzanne Cromwell
July 2013