Saturday Afternoon @ the CCA

Educational Block • Multi-film Program in Chelmsford
2PM – 6:30PM
Chelmsford Center for the Arts • 1A North Road, Chelmsford
Admission: $10.00/pp or $5.00 with a donation of a bag of dog or cat food
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Explore a host of topics relating to pet ownership, animal rescue, pet bereavement, and more during this fascinating multi-film program. Some content featured in this Educational Block may not be suitable for young children — please review the film trailers and synopses below. Please note that film titles and times are subject to change prior to October 19th.


2PM  |  The Elephant in the Living Room  (Documentary Feature, 2010)
(96 min, Rated PG)
Special Guest Speaker: Darleen Wood, Animal Control Officer for the City of Lowell
Praised by critics as “One of the Best Films of the Year” in 2010, The Elephant in the Living Room takes viewers on a journey deep inside the controversial American subculture of raising the most dangerous animals in the world as common household pets. Set against the backdrop of a heated national debate, director Michael Webber chronicles the extraordinary story of two men at the heart of the issue – Tim Harrison, an Ohio police officer whose friend was killed by an exotic pet, and Terry Brumfield, a big-hearted man who struggles to raise two African lions that he loves like his own family. In the first of many unexpected twists, the lives of these two men collide when Terry’s male lion escapes its pen and is found attacking cars on a nearby highway. Winner of 5 Best Documentary Awards, including the Humane Society of the United States Ace Award, Webber’s compelling documentary courageously exposes the shocking reality behind the multi-billion dollar exotic pet industry with stunning photography, inspiring storytelling, and unprecedented access into a world rarely seen, right in our own backyard. Stay for a special Q&A session with our guest speaker Darleen Wood, Animal Control Officer for the City of Lowell!  » View trailer & learn more at the film’s Official Website

4PM  |  Tough Love: A Meditation on Dominance and Dogs  (Documentary Short, 2012)
(36 min, Not Rated)
It’s a commonly accepted idea that dogs are “man’s best friend.” We give them a special place in our lives and they are, in turn, loyal companions. At the same time, many modern dog owners also believe that they are meant to establish themselves as the “alpha dog” in relation to their pets. This is a status supposedly achieved through attitudes and acts of domination, varying by emphasis on physical restraint and disciplinary “correction.” Yet the notion that cherished “best friends” should strictly obey our will is something of a paradox. How can we reconcile feelings of respect and event love with expectations of submission and compliance? Is there a valid and compelling justification for establishing dominance over our dogs? Does our claim to that power follow from fixed biological facts? Is it warranted by the nature of dogs and what we are to them through a shared evolutionary history? Is dominance a “tough love,” something dogs actually want and need? Locally shot and produced by filmmaker Chad Montrie, Tough Love explores these questions through compelling personal interviews and footage with dog trainers, historians, and canine enthusiasts.   » View trailer & learn more at the film’s Official Website

5PM  |  Furever  (Documentary Feature, 2013)
(80 min, Mature Audiences Only)
Encore Screening!
Sixty-two percent of Americans have a pet, and they spent a total of $52.9 billion on their pets last year. Many judge pet parents who choose to memorialize their dead pets as unbalanced, yet religious or cultural rituals for deceased people often seem unusual to outsiders. How “real” is grief for a dead pet and who decides what kind of grief is acceptable, or appropriate? Rather than pathetic or morbid, these pet parents embody America’s muddled attitudes toward death and dying, touching on our collective fear of aging, and how that fear is shaped by the shifting influences of religion, technology, family, and money. Don’t miss our encore screening of Amy Finkel’s critically acclaimed documentary, currently on tour in the film festival circuit and hot off its premiere at the 2013 Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival.   » View trailer & learn more at the film’s Official Website

6:30PM  |  Le Lapin Volant (The Flying Rabbit)
(Film Short, 5-min)
Special Guest Speaker: Diane Mayor, House Rabbit Network
See this very special & creatively edited film short that takes a look at rabbit factory farming. But don’t let the subject matter get you down! Diane Mayer from the House Rabbit Network in Billerica will be here to give us all some uplifting stories of bunny rescues and loving ownership and how YOU can become a foster rabbit parent. Come learn about everything and anything that’s Bunny-wise!